Hunan Beimeng Dairy Co., Ltd.
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As the base camp of Beimeng Goat, Xi'an Hongxing Dairy Co., Ltd. was established in November 2002. It is a dairy enterprise specializing in milk powder production and R&D. The leading products of the company are infant formula milk powder, adult milk powder, skim milk powder and full cream powder. And  has a complete production line of them.The company covers an area of more than 200 acres and has total assets of 260 million yuan. The production technology and technical equipment of infant formula milk powder are all advanced in the country. The production and packaging workshop is a 10,000-class air purification workshop,and the air purification rate have been improved by two grades compared with the national requirements for infant formula milk powder production .

The company has its own R&D center of new product . The center gathers well-known domestic senior nutrition experts, senior dairy testing experts and advanced dairy production technology experts, which play a decisive role in the research and development, trial production, production of new products, and then to the market.Company have obtained the national industrial product production license,People's Republic of China export food hygiene registration certificate and other industry qualification certificates of  infant formula milk powder, full cream powder, skim milk powder, milk powder, other dairy products.And also passed the ISO9001: 2008 international quality management system, HACCP international food safety management system standard certification, GMP good production standard certification, organic product certification and CMS integrity management system certification with business philosophy of "do business as a person", "product is the character" and scientific management and integrity management.The company's registered trademark was awarded the famous trademark of Shaanxi Province.In Feb.2009, the company was recognized as the leading leading enterprise of provincial agricultural industrialization operation by the Shaanxi Provincial People's Government.

      Hongxing Dairy adheres to the business model of company + base + farmer, and has more than 80 self-built and self-monitored milk source bases. In the goat milk base,Shaanxi Lantiangrazing milk,having China's advanced dairy goat natural stocking base,provides a stable source of raw materials for the production of high quality goat milk. The company has a national-level quality inspection center and internationally advanced quality testing equipment. The center introduces and equips dozens of on-site quality control, full-time inspection, quality assurance audit and senior quality engineers,which has the self-inspection capability of all indicators of powder and other products for infant formula milk and provides superior conditions for product quality assurance . As a self-controlled milk source, self-produced and own branded national dairy company, Xi'an Hongxing Dairy Co., Ltd. has been committed to providing consumers with better products and better services, thereby enhancing the credibility of national dairy products and revitalizing the nation dairy industry, establish a national brand. After years of unremitting efforts, the company has made great progress and has become a company in the Chinese goat milk industry. At the same time, the Group has become deeply involved in the sports industry and fully promotes the development and promotion of Wushu Sanda. The company has become the chief strategic partner of the Chinese National Wushu Sanda Team, and its products have also become products used in the Chinese national Wushu Sanda team


►Green Breeding Base

Hongxing Dairy has a fertile goat breeding base in the Qinling Beilu (Zhouzhi, Jingyang, Sanyuan Farm),the pasture environment is beautiful and the grassland is fertile.The Jingyang breeding base is also the demonstration and research base for the standardized breeding of the Hongxing dairy goats of the Northwest A&F University.


►Cleaning Production Workshop

In order to ensure the safety of product and no pollution from collection,production and packaging,the spray drying vacuum concentration workshop and 100,000-level purification packaging workshop are used in the production process of milk powder of Hongxing.

►Advanced Production Technology
Hongxing Dairy has advanced production technology, high-efficiency technology R&D team,high-end inspection equipment (Kjeldahl nitrogen analyzer, Flowserve 120 milk crystal analyzer, etc.), technology network monitoring system,which to make sure our products isefficient and safe in the production process.