Bei Meng was awarded the Baby List. Chinese Mother and Child     DATE: 2019-04-29 16:10

On April 26, 2019, the Baby List 2019, which was jointly organized by China Infant Network and Beijing Zheng Infant and Pregnant Fair, was held in Beijing. As a highlighted annual event in the maternal and infant industry, the event attracted industry cafes, association leaders and media reporters from all over the country to gather together and witnessed the birth of major awards in the maternal and infant industry in 2019. Beimeng goat milk, after consumer voting and strict evaluation by expert group, finally won the "China Mother and Child Industry Creative Goat Milk Brand TOP10" award.
This event is jointly organized by Beijing Zheng Baby and Child Show and China Infant and Child Network. Its purpose is to discover the enterprises with craftsmanship around us, commend the upward force of China's mother and child industry, help the growth of mother and child industry, and strive for the development of China's pregnancy and infant industry.

Beimen has been deeply involved in the maternal and infant industry, striving to innovate, always dedicating the best quality products to the market, and providing the most meticulous services to consumers. Efforts to create an influential brand of goat's milk, not forgetting the original intention, quietly cultivating, willing to contribute to the development of the industry as a whole.
(Mr. Song Liang, a dairy analyst, and Ms. Chen Xiaolan, Beimeng Marketing Director)
Beimeng Yangdairy is the core strategic brand of Xian Hongxing Dairy Group and the strategic cooperative brand of China National Wushu Sanda Team. In a short period of three years, a new force has sprung up. With the momentum of rapid thunder, more than 30 provinces and cities across the country have been operated and sold, which has won the unanimous praise of many channel traders, terminal stores and consumers.
Beimei's rapid development is also due to such a group of like-minded colleagues, who are very hard-working, hard-working, dedicated and conscientious, and part of the core is Beimei entrepreneurship partners. In Beimeng's view, "Products can be homogenized, promotional programs can be homogenized, even formulations and processes can be the same, but only the team can not replicate. A group of people, one heart and one thing, will certainly be able to do a good job." In 2019, Beimen will show its unique style in China's goat milk industry.

(Beimen Team at CBME Shanghai Exhibition in 2018)

I believe that this award will also promote Beimen's development and create a more brilliant tomorrow. It will also drive other enterprises to go ahead with Beimeng to create surprises and harvest fruits.