The new line of Hongxing has been put into production, attra     DATE: 2019-03-18 11:21

 On March 15, 2019, World champions Wu Yanan, Zhang Kun, Meng Xin, Li Xiang, Xu Jiaheng and wushu masters Fang Xiumin, Liu Yongqiang, Gao Jianwu, Yang Kezhen, Zhang Shichang, Zhao Xiaoling, Bao Yingmei and other people participated in the tree planting activities of“Wuhan Champion Forest”in Yueyang. Accompanied by Tian Suhui, the general leader of the National Wushu Sanda Team and the founder of Hongxing Dairy,they visited the new production line of Hongxing Yueyang production base with great interest after the tree planting activities,.

Along the way, world champions and wushu masters listened carefully to the introduction of the new production line by the staff of the Yueyang factory. They looked at the production equipment,asked questions with interest, and made a lot of praise for the equipment and advantages of the new production line.
When you heard that this production line all uses American labor production equipment and packaging equipment,they raised their thumbs.
Vacuum mixing ingredients and super new sterilization and concentration technology effectively protect active nutrients. The product has uniform powder particles and white color,which is soluble in water, no sedimentation on the wall and the taste is pure after using "secondary recombination" function drying tower. The new production line has been fully upgraded, the quality is more good .

As a strategic partner of the National Wushu Sanda Team, Hongxing Dairy has always put the national team's strict requirements on food quality as the basic standard for enterprise products. Over the years, the company has taken "business as a person, product is a character" as its corporate purpose;
 "open integration, inclusiveness" as the corporate mind; "integrity-based, quality first" as the business philosophy; "compassion, cooperation "Win-win" is the spirit of contract, Hongxing has developed into a well-known industry in China's goat milk industry .