When Wushu meets goat's milk, what it collides with is...     DATE: 2019-02-14 15:29

       Chinese Wushu is a treasure spread by the Chinese nation for thousands of years. It has become an inseparable part of Chinese culture after thousands of years of hardships and hardships. Its profound cultural connotation is incomparable with Western boxing. To some extent, it is the foundation of the Chinese people and the foundation of their lives. The foundation of a nation. Promoting Chinese Wushu and advancing Wushu to enter the Olympic family at an early date are not only the promotion of Wushu as a physical fitness sport, but also the promotion of the spirit of Chinese Wushu and the essence of our national culture. It is the social responsibility of national enterprises.

       Goat milk and martial arts seem to be two industries far apart, but in Hongxing dairy industry, they magically blend and benefit each other. When goat milk meets Wushu, it collides not only with the integration of economy and sports, but also with the confidence of national culture and brand.


       In 2018, Hongxing Dairy Industry and Chinese Wushu will blend and benefit each other hand in hand.

           Hongxing people greet and congratulate on the return of the national team in the Asian Games

The Asian Games champion came to Queyang in return for years of support from his father and father and Hongxing people.

 Hongxing Dairy Industry cheered the National Sanda Team on the spot in the 9th World Cup Wushu Sanda Competition in Hangzhou

In Yangon, Myanmar, Hongxing Dairy was named the second World Cup Wushu Routine Competition. Hongxing brand followed Wushu to other countries.

The Yongchun Quan Competition of Foshan International Wushu Federation still has the strong support of Hongxing people.

      We will actively promote the revitalization of the national dairy industry and vigorously support the development of Chinese Wushu. International Wushu Federation, National Sports Administration Wushu Sports Management Center, China Wushu Association, China National Wushu Sanda Team, these high-standard international and domestic platforms, let Hongxing Dairy Brand appear globally, let the "world's Wushu national milk" perfect integration...

In the coming year of 2019, we will continue to develop together and move forward all the way.
Grasp development opportunities, compose a new chapter of development; consolidate quality foundation, build a century-old brand cornerstone; build a resource platform to promote the brand building of goat milk; shoulder social responsibility, build and share a healthy China. Hongxing dairy industry, devote all efforts to deduce the legend of "the development of goat dairy industry and the revitalization of national dairy industry".
I believe tomorrow will be better!